Robert Slater Law 

Workers Compensation Lawyers

I began as an associate for the Law Offices of Joseph Mijares before opening my own practice in 1978. Since then I have been a sole practitioner. For the first twenty years I handled cases in a lot of fields including personal injury, medical malpractice, bad faith insurance litigation, landlord/tenant and family law; however, for the past twenty years I have concentrated on workers compensation cases. I only work on behalf of the applicant. I never work for the insurance company. I have a very high success rate and recently settled a case wherein the insurance company originally denied the claim but ended up paying my client $2,700,000.00. My staff and I are fluent in Spanish and pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our clients. We would welcome the opportunity to serve you. 


‚ÄčI have been practicing law since 1974. I am licensed in both Florida and California. I graduated from the University of Miami law school in 1973 and practiced law in Miami, Florida for one year before I decided to move to California I moved to Los Angeles in 1975 and passed the California Bar that same year.